bioresonance session

Details of a meeting

Each session usually lasts one hour but can be longer depending on the problems encountered.

First a global test is performed on the overall health and research and the identification of spurious frequencies, then their selective elimination. Finally a new comprehensive verification test can see the improvement obtained.

The first session serves as reference and adjustment unique and personal characteristics of each individual.

The number of sessions depends on each individual disorders and their removal, normally two to three sessions may be sufficient.

Consultations check-up and maintenance can then be once or twice a year.

Unique and original method

This exceptional method can be of great service occasionally during unexpected or special events (emotional shock, poisoning, anxiety before exams, hormonal disorders, before and after surgical procedures, sports preparations, performance optimizations) based on the needs of every individual.

The SWEEPER METHOD is unique and original, it has absolutely nothing to compare with other existing bio-resonance techniques. It stands out from other techniques by the scientific rigor of its operations, the quality of the devices used and the professional capacity of the speaker.

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