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This site aims to provide, to the greatest number, with clear, logical thinking and demystifications on several subjects concerning health, bio-resonance, biophysics, so-called “quantum” therapies.


The Sweeper method

A unique proprietary method, the result of new research in biophysics

Exclusive biophysical method using bio-resonance systems for research and the removal of organic or emotional problems.

The advance of new technologies can highlight previously unknown and unsuspected relations between our environment and our health. This increasingly close dependence reveals what can now be called diseases of civilization.

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How it works

Imbalances in our health can overcome our natural regulation capacity. Find out about bio-resonance and the positive influence it can have on your health and wellbeing. Each individual is unique in its responses by its own frequencies.

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The Sweeper method

This exclusive biophysical method uses bio-resonance systems for research and the removal of organic or emotional causes of heath problems. It restores our body in its integrity for better balance after removing blockages.

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Why we love it

This method has many advantages. It provides fast results and effectively lead to a betterment of the individual as a whole. Find out why we love the Bioresonance and its beneficial effects on our health.

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This system allows for a full check-up to be interpreted as part of an energy regulation and self-knowledge. This is not a traditional technique of medical diagnosis and not a substitute for drug therapy in progress. In case of illness, it is imperative to consult your physician in order to diagnose and monitor treatment. Conventional official medicine does not accept or recognize, until now the effects of Bioresonance techniques. The bio-resonance systems provide a dynamic analysis at a very low energy level and are based on the physics of communications.