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What is bio-resonance?

The concept is used in therapy to perform quantum field balance by detecting and eliminating disturbing electromagnetic frequencies stored by the body.

It is a dynamic analysis of the dysfunctions in an informational energy level. This biophysical method is non-invasive (painless) and in total harmony with living beings.

By analogy, and to better understand the principle, one can broadly compare it with that of the acoustic resonators of audio frequencies perceptible by our ears as with a tuning fork.

Diapason in harmony

For resonances perceived by the body, it is called Bioresonance. The cells of our body can be compared to small tuning forks wich can communicate with each other when there is resonance.

Electromagnetic signals, very precise frequencies are used to convey the cohesion of a biological system of responsible unstable state of some health disorders, to a state of coherence representing a recovered balance.

Two types Bioresonance

An exogenous bioresonance which uses signals from artificial external generators, often manufactured in Russia under several brands (Oberon, Metatron, Etioscan, Physiospect, Physioscan, Biospect, Aumscan) .Are based on IT and software operating algorithms to compare an individual in relation to statistical databases.

Their presentation is entertaining and uses popular forms of images and sounds. One wonders what is the place of the actual regulatory action on a necessarily unique individual in his compensatory reactions.

Endogenous BioResonance uses the individual own signals. The Mora system is the representative of the logical way to proceed. Designed by Franz Morell, homeopathic doctor, and Erik Rashe, electronics engineer, with more than 25 years of use.

In a legendary reliability, we use these amazing devices for their accuracy and precision.

While still remaining faithful to the same basic principle that respects the uniqueness of the individual, the German company Med-Tronik has developed new devices that expand their capacities in analytical finesse in more subtle areas of knowledge related causes at the root of health problems.

The new method of operation of these devices (THE SWEEPER METHOD)Following the latest technology, allows extraordinary analyzis. Technological evolution, constantly running from a solid scientific basis, opens a rational way to these treatments by biophysical concepts.

The recent discovery of this new way of using these devices surpasses all other systems currently in use.


The Sweeper method

A unique proprietary method, the result of new research in biophysics.

Exclusive biophysical method using bio-resonance systems for research and the removal of organic or emotional problems.

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