What is the Sweeper method?

THE SWEEPER METHOD is used to obtain an overall assessment of human health through the use of physics applied to the living (Biophysics) by analyzing certain frequencies. This is the explanation of the conditions for the physical aspect of their causes. This search for causes in the form of frequency information based on the analysis and correction of these frequencies, the characteristics then become beneficial.

Any aggression or external stimulus (physical, biological or psychological emotional) results, depending on the capabilities of resistance and compensation of each individual, storing in the body at the cellular level, the frequency of electromagnetic type information. The technical characteristics of these frequencies depend on the type of original source.


Pollutions of the world today are toxic, chemical, electromagnetic and emotional; these are areas outside biological human nature, cyclic, psychological, which can recognize and integrate that that resembles it; and conflicts are becoming more frequent and numerous.

Living beings in their environment capture electromagnetic waves they can also be rendered. These emissions take place at very low level, the technical difficulty until now was to identify these signals within growingelectromagnetic fog (pollution of all kinds). With new technology and the SWEEPER METHOD you can record and edit, using specialized equipment, electromagnetic frequencies emitted by the body and restore it after the corrections.

Every cell, organ or area of the body emits electromagnetic signals of very low intensity, formerly undetectable: this is what we call inter-cell communication. These signals, in a healthy individual, are harmonious and have corresponding frequencies in a state of physiological equilibrium.When there is disorder, these signals are disharmonious and correspond to inconsistent frequency emissions revealing the conflicts involved.

These aggressive frequencies act on the organic, cellular, molecular and atomic disrupting intercellular languageand distorting exchanges by erroneous information.

This information is exchanged and conveyed by living cells by means of electromagnetic waves by the resonance phenomenon. The frequency cohesion of the whole cell ensures the exchange of information and helps balance and health.

The technique

In recent years, biophysics, electronics and IT have permitted particular use of appliances by a radical change in their way of operating by the SWEEPER METHOD. This new method of exclusively using the revolutionized biological approach of personal evaluations.

The use of highly technical equipment allows the search for underlying causes of disease and to remove the obstacles that prevent the recovery.

The system, initially, for the detection, identification, and registration of all disturbed signals then allows them to remove correcting poor frequency and potentiate the good; the body naturally return to its basic balance.

The measure allows the recording of frequencies captured in hands and feet; it is completely painless and without side effects. The needs of each individual are respected individually.

The biophysical regulation by the SWEEPER METHOD is a new high-tech system, based on biophysical principles scientifically known and verifiable. Reproduction of reliability measures and introduced the concept of rational energy, enabling great performance..

Regulation by Biophysics is a global concept of care of the person, as such, the effectiveness of other therapies (conventional, homeopathy, aromatherapy, diet) can be significantly improved by this new balance.

No external application of frequencies; it is natural human frequencies that are used; it is in fact fully compatible without side effects.


  • Organic pollution consequences: shown eg by information on pesticides, dyes, heavy metals, toxins, chemicals, drugs, bacteria, vaccines, virus in the low frequency band.

  • The emotional consequences of shocks, existence of contemporary stress to the memory of ancient events, in the high frequency band. This is the only current system that take into account the emotional causes of problems and to delete the information.

Each individual is unique in its responses, the system respects this uniqueness by a personalized and exclusive filtering the natural frequencies of the person.

This system allows for a checkup to be interpreted in the context of a bio-energy regulation and self-knowledge as a tool. This is not a traditional technique of medical diagnosis and is not a substitute for drug therapy in progress; the action plan for supporting the physical communications.

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