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Environment and health

The organism receives extensive information from its environment (chemical, visual, physical, emotional). These stimuli are processed by the body into electrical impulses that are then used for action, thought, reflection, internal functions.

These electrical impulses, which can be represented in the form of waves, in the form of frequencies under certain conditions and leave traces of their passage at the cellular level. A principle of special and highly selective resonance can identify these impulses or those frequencies.

But all the information we receive are not beneficial, it will therefore identify frequencies that are not suitable. An exclusive process of information processing will then be applied to physically neutralize memories altered frequencies.

Waves and Quantum therapy


Is the propagation of a disturbance occurring on passing a reversible change in physical properties of the local environment. It travels at a determined speed which depends on the characteristic properties of this medium. A wave carries energy without transporting matter. In physics a wave is a field, in a zone of influence in space whose properties are changed.

Quantum therapy

It is an unconventional therapy which refers to quantum physics. It helps explain a form of intercellular communication based on the principle transceiver frequencies being the source of information on the overall health status.

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Definition of Biophysics

Biophysics is a scientific discipline that uses physics to the observation and understanding of biological phenomena. Biophysics has allowed significant progress in areas such as ecology, evolution of species, medicine, cell and molecular biology.

Technological developments in biophysics has oriented towards a molecular understanding of biological phenomena, the latest studies show the great influence of the electromagnetic environment on cellular responses. Biophysics trys to apply theories adapted to the understanding of the particularities of a living world by linking observations to theories.


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The concept is used in therapy to perform quantum field balance by detecting and eliminating disturbing electromagnetic frequencies stored by the body…

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