Regis lhermitte, practitioner
My professional training

My journey

Having received conventional medical education, I quickly noticed the problems of oral électrogalvanisme and biocompatibility of materials.

I had recourse then to equipment in the German company, Med-Tronik to determine the tolerances through regular physical measurements.

Immediately, I realized that it was also possible to use these devices for diverse health problems.

Acquired training allowed me to integrate these new concepts in a biophysical context choosing the effectiveness of results rather than the dogmas of certain thoughts without serious scientific basis.

I made technical changes and use these devices in order to identify and remove information about the causes of dysfunction.

Scientific rigor

I remain foremost in science but from a new view point. The method follows the rules of the experiment.

Currently, the development of my exclusive technique is to confirm the concept of a different analysis supported by scientific rigor.

The exceptional results in several areas, show the interest of this unique technique that has revolutionized the use of bio-resonance.