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Why we love?

Speed of investigations. Comprehensiveness of the approach and specificity in custom responses. Clear explanations. Feel good factor.Compétence.

Fast: the session lasts an hour but can usually depend on each problem.

Comprehensiveness: all causes and possible origins are analyzed. The devices control the totality of the detected frequencies.

Uniqueness: respect for the individual because each life journey is unique in its reactions and its compensations.
These are the frequencies of the person itself that are the basis for corrections.

No applications possible of external frequency because the devices are not built in this direction. A big difference with other methods using external generators.

The frequencies are then returned the same in nature and the same amplitude as those received by the device is in perfect harmony with the individual since it is his own.

Each having its own unique function, the correction will be fully recognized. The ultra-weak signals from the person carrying information, are identified through the resolution of the new devices with their new use..

Feel good factor. The overall feeling of well being is rapid.

The clarity of explanations:
the frequencies found are interpreted immediately without getting lost in multiple advice.

Competence: Developed and conducted by a qualified and experienced practitioner, this method provides a guarantee of seriousness in its implementation.

What for ? For who ?

What for

If an organic or mental disease is present and is partially unexplained, chronic or recurrent, think about the possibility of a frequency electromagnetic origin.

Many different conditions can therefore be capable of regulation.

Thus it is possible to approach problems:

    • On allergies or intolerances acute or chronic (pollen, food, dust, animals)
    • In chronic conditions (pollution air, water)
    • Detoxificationof (metals, chemicals, toxic)
    • Unexplained pain and rebels to treatment (joint, tendon, intestinal, internal and external scars)
    • On environmental conditions due electromagnetic pollution (mobile phone, wifi, laptop, Electrosmog)
    • On geopathogenic influences (influence of living spaces)
    • Contemporary consequences of stress, emotional burdens of the past.

Obviously this list is unlimited, remember that the causes of the disease are multiple. Removal of the upstream information often leads, in cascade, the removal of several independent problems in appearance but which are found in fact interrelated.

For who?

For the population as full compatibility of frequencies used.


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