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The well-being and health

For the West, poor health comes from an imbalance caused by an external agent; bacterial, viral, chemical or mutagenic genetic toxic. The principle of healing is based on the removal of the agent by chemical means (drugs, chemotherapy) or physical (surgery, radiotherapy).

The organism is considered a space where many chemical reactions follow one another in a specific order. Overall we accept that trade between the molecules are imposed by the distribution of certain gradients. The molecules react with each other because they show similarities or complementarities of spatial form, chemical or electrical loads.

The disease has therefore an alteration of the reaction sequence. All aspects of these anomalies are possible; genetic, growth, immunity, reproduction. The disease is localized at a specific location of the organization; it will have to make corrections by chemical inputs replacing the inadequacies or blocking the process. This is the approach of pharmaceutical companies.

This vision of living fails to consider the psychic or emotional causal element because it is not measurable by the five basic senses of the human being: there is therefore what we see; healing comes following the destruction of unhealthy, the system is centripetal, the patient is considered a victim.

Oriental medicine uses the concept of energy (Chi or Qi) which is the basis of this philosophy-medicine. Poor health comes from an imbalance of the internal energy of man himself after the break of its envelope by an external “perverse” energy that attempts to destabilize.

The person is sick from his biological impairment, mental and spiritual. The concept of totality is paramount, man is a whole. Healing will come only in chasing this bad energy by stimulating its own energy; is a centrifugal process, the patient should be an actor of his own healing.

Biophysics, and our particular approach, shows that poor health is considered a trade imbalance between the cells of the human being as a whole.

One can not separate the living things in their environment and consider them independent of their surroundings. Instead, all environmental elements have a direct or indirect action on wellness. Food, drink, air, light, electromagnetic fields, are all aspects of the living environment.

You can not sum up the life of molecular reactions, quantum physics provides new information on cellular language. The foregoing physical chemistry in the scientific sense, the atom above the molecule. Those are the polarizations of the electric membrane cells that allow biochemical exchanges.

Man is electromagnetic in nature. The cells have the ability to react to electromagnetic fields of very low intensity. They carry information, for transmission and reception at different frequency levels. These electromagnetic pulses may be used only by cells having specialized receptor sites, resonant and matched.

These exchanges of electromagnetic nature, are then converted into biochemical action orders by the cells. Dysfunction may therefore appear in this intercellular communication.

Our devices and our unique investigative techniques allow the identification of frequency dysfunctions and correct corrupted messages. Depending on the type and nature of frequencies, one can describe the origin of the disorder; organic causes and / or emotional. The body, thus rid of this bad information naturally find its optimal operation while remaining fundamentally unchanged.

The concept of wellness

A feeling of balance between our internal environment (physical, physiological, mental) and environmental external environment surrounding us (location, water, air, light).

This feeling is perceived as a different pace of new sensations of everyday life. The concept of wellness is both objective (linked to the comfort) and subjective (related to our own sense). The perceived harmony is a balance of personal feeling and new dynamism.


The view on the imbalances

The disease, pain, body disorder, symptoms, emotional states, organic or psychological dysfunction, difficulties of existence are merely consequences of misinformation:

  • material from the environment (pesticides, electromagnetic, multiple toxic fields), food (air, water, food)
  • multiple stress (difficult daily life, social, work, future)
  • emotional (psychological, emotional shocks)

These entail an alteration of normal cellular frequency language designed as a vehicle body of the integrity of the information. Deal only with those consequences limit the range of possibilities. We must seek the cause or causes that placed the body in an unstable and vulnerable state.

The consequences are merely the culmination of compensation that the organism must accomplish through what makes each a unique individual (genetic basis, environmental adaptation, evolution and growth, ground reaction possibilities). The causes can be multiple, potentiate each other and cumulatively, exceed the possible natural regulation capacity.

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